Download AirSewa For a Delightful and Digital Travel Experience

Download AirSewa For a Delightful and Digital Travel Experience. Ministry of Civil Aviation has launched an app and a portal called ‘AirSewa’ to allow consumers to register any complaint related to their air travel. Flight passengers will not only take in your complaints, but also provide information related to your flight, schedules and airport information.
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AirSewa App initiative is taken by MINISTRY OF CIVIL AVIATION to facilitate users for following features:
Post & Track Grievance: User can post grievance for selected categories(Ex: Airline, Airport) and track them also.
Check Flight Status: Check the live flight status of all current inbound and outbound flights.
Check Flight Schedule: Check time table for all inbound and outbound flights operating for a specific route.
Airport Information and Services: Check Weather information and services for selected Airport. (Ex: Delhi, Mumbai)
FAQs: Get answer for common queries(Ex: Passenger, Baggage)


Prohibited items are weapons, explosives, incendiaries, and items that are seemingly harmless but may be used as weapons – the so-called “dual-use” items.
Check with your airline or travel agent to determine how early to arrive at the airport. Recommended check-in times differ by airline/airport and change during peak travel times.
There are different restrictions on what you can pack in your carry-on & checked baggages. All of your baggage will be screened and possibly hand-searched as part of the new security measures.
It is our job to assure you – the passenger – that BCAS/Airlines/Aviation Security Group can and will deliver excellence in security and customer service.
In order to assist persons with disabilities or medical concerns, certain guidelines have been developed with input from various groups and have trained our airport screeners in the methodology needed to ensure secure and comfortable screening at all Security Checkpoints.


Yes. In case of the requirements of physical check on doubt, you will be requested to open the baggage yourself.
There are specific regulations governing the transport of firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition.
If your bags are delayed, try not to panic. The airlines typically have ways to track them, and the vast majority of misplaced luggage is returned eventually. If your bags are on the next flight, you could have them within a few hours. If they have been sent to the wrong airport, it could take a couple of days. Make sure to file your claim immediately at the airport and to give the attendant a hotel or home address, as well as a phone number where you can be reached.


The Passenger Security Checkpoint includes three (3) primary steps.
If you bring a prohibited item to the checkpoint you may be criminally prosecuted or at the least asked to rid yourself of the item
Yes.  If you are a Sikh passenger and traveling in domestic flight in India. The size of kirpan should not be more than 6 inch blade and 3 inch handle.
115 cm total of all dimensions except at Srinagar airport where carry-on (hand baggage) is not allowed.


If a wheelchair is needed, the request should be placed at the time of reservation, ticketing or reconfirmation of the booking. Passengers are requested to pre-book wheelchairs at the time of flight booking / ticket issuance to avoid last minute delays / non availability of wheelchairs.
You will be required to prepare and submit a Medical Information form (MEDIF).
You will be required to prepare and submit a Medical Information form (MEDIF).
Yes. Passengers are requested to pre-book wheelchairs at the time of flight booking / ticket issuance to avoid last minute delays / non availability of wheelchairs. However, business class passengers should note that if traveling by the B747/COMBI/744 aircraft types, ascending/descending steps will be necessary. Hence, before making your reservation please check the type of aircraft with our reservations center. You should be able to ascend/descend the steps and walk to/from your seat.
Yes. However, a medical certificate stating the need to carry and operate your own wheelchair has to be produced.
If you require special medication, you should always carry your prescription with you when you board any flight. Different countries have different laws governing the possession of prescription drugs, and some countries have limited supplies should you require a refill of your prescription, so it is always better to bring an extra supply with you. For further information concerning any particular medications, consult with your physician and contact the local embassy of the country to which you are travelling.
An expectant mother in good health may be accepted for transportation up to and including the 32nd week of pregnancy. At the time of making the bookings, if the pregnancy is advanced beyond 32 weeks and with the anticipation of normal delivery, the expectant mother be accepted for travel up to and including the 35th week of pregnancy, i.e., up to, at least 5 weeks prior to the expected date of confinement. A medical certificate from the attending obstetrician must be obtained stating that she is fit to travel.
Pet animals can be carried as an accompanied baggage or shipped as Cargo. You will have to make this request at the time of making your booking. The staff will advise you about certain formalities that you will have to complete. Pets will be carried at an additional charge and will not be included in the Free Baggage Allowance, even if the passenger has no other baggage. Normal Excess Baggage Charges would be applicable for carriage of accompanied pets on domestic journeys within India.


The requirements for conversion/issue of licence are specified in CAR Section 7 Series ‘G’ Part I and schedule-II of the aircraft rules. The requirements for CPL are also clearly spelled out in the application form for issue / conversions of CPL.
Indian Pilots going abroad for multi-engine endorsement training in an ICAO Contracting State in their own interest are required to get the training syllabus approved by DGCA.
Expired license are renewed under Rule 42 of the Aircraft Rules. The requirements for renewal of expired licences/ ratings are laid down in CAR Section 7 Series ‘H’ Part I also.
No. The requirements for issue of FRTOL are laid down in Section ‘Y’ of the Schedule II of the Aircraft Rules.
in all respect for issue of license.
The requirement for fees for issue, renewal and validation of licences and ratings are specified in Rule 48 (1) of the Aircraft Rules. In case the documents are withdrawn due to some shortfall in the papers, the fee deposited can be adjusted at the time of issue, renewal and validation of licences/ratings subsequently.
Pilots are granted type endorsement on their Indian licences to fly aircrafts registered in India having valid C of A and C of R.
A person holding FAA licence can do recency flying in India in any of the Flying Training Institute approved by the DGCA subject to comply with the provisions of Rule 6, Rule 38A, Rule 39B of the Aircraft Rules, 1937 i.e. the applicant must have a valid Indian Student Pilot Licence, Valid FRTOL and he medical.
No. However, a person can fly a foreign registered aircraft in accordance with the Rules being followed by the Regulatory Authority of the State where the aircraft is operating.
RTR is issued by Central Government through Ministry of Communication under Indian Wireless Telegraphy Rules, 1954. For details please see their website
then only the application would be processed for issue of license.
Pilots holding Indian license are required to seek approval of their flying training syllabus from DGCA for obtaining Multiengine rating.
for issue of license, the entire documents are returned for necessary compliance and addition 15 days are required for reexamination of the documents form the date of submission of documents in DGCA.
on FAA licences can be validated as per the requirements laid down in CAR Section 7, Series G, Part II.
India subject to compliance to the recency requirement as laid down in the operations circular 2 of 2004.
The list of documents to be submitted for issue / conversion of license is given at serial number 21 of the application Performa available on DGCA web site under the tab forms.






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