D-Mart 20th Anniversary Celebration Free Gift Card ₹5000

D-Mart 20th Anniversary Celebration Free Gift Card ₹5000

Congratulations! DMart 20th Anniversary Celebrations! Through the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get a gift card worth 5000 rupees. D-Mart is Giving Free Rs 2500 Shopping Gift Voucher Viral Message Whatsapp is Fake.  http://www.dmartındia.com/voucher  Enjoy. http://xn--dmartndia-zpb.com/voucher. D-Mart Celebrate it 17th Anniversary it is Fake Viral Message Don’t Share on your Whatsapp Don’t Believe on this Message. D-Mart is kdfslj giving FREE INR 2500 shopping voucher to celebrate it’s 17th anniversary, click here to get yours: http://www.dmartindia.com/voucher Enjoy.

20 anniversary celebration Free gifts. Good luck! We give our members 1 free spin for a chance to win exclusing prizes! Your have won a gift card worth Rs 10000. It can be used when purchasing goods at all Dmart stores. Follow the instruction below in order to claim your card.

DMart 20th Anniversary Question Answer:

Question 1 of 4 : Do you know DMart ?

Question 2 of 4 : How old are you ?

Question 3 of 4 : How do you think of DMart ?

Question 4 of 4 : Are you male or female ?

D-Mart Free INR2500 Shopping Voucher Whatsapp Viral Message:

Dear Customers, There are certain miscreants forwarding link to a fake website which purportedly is giving out DMart Shopping voucher. Please note that we at DMart have not issued any such vouchers. Please do not fall prey to such offers.D-Mart is giving FREE INR2500 shopping voucher ? to celebrate it’s 17th anniversary, click here to get yours : http://www.dmartındia.com/voucher  Enjoy. http://xn--dmartndia-zpb.com/voucher

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