CoinDCX Coupon Code 2022 - Get ₹201 Bitcoin Instantly Free

CoinDCX Coupon Code 2022 – Get ₹201 Bitcoin Instantly Free

The crypto market is very popular among the masses. People have come to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies, and they look forward to investing in them. As they plan their crypto investments, they look for different crypto apps and exchanges where they can buy and trade in cryptocurrencies. One of the most popular applications for this purpose is CoinDCX.

CoinDCX is a popular cryptocurrency exchange trading application that you can use for making your crypto investments and trades. Although the application is limited to listing only the top cryptocurrencies, it is popular among investors and other beginners looking forward to making crypto investments because of its constant offers to win free crypto coins using the CoinDCX Coupon Code.

The application keeps coming up with different coupon codes and referral codes that help you win free cryptocurrencies and coins. With these codes and free coins, you are more motivated to invest in the market. Additionally, who wouldn’t like free money coming into their wallets? Well, we all love that! But the question is, how will you find these coupon codes and referral codes?

You can find numerous CoinDCX coupon codes and referral codes if you search the web. However, not every CoinDCX Coupon Code you see on the web works. So, you need to find a working coupon code that will actually help you win the free cryptocurrencies on the application.

Finding the correct coupon code before you sign up is also essential because you get only one chance at it. Most codes only work for those who are registering for the first time on the application. So, if you sign up but have a code that’s not working or has expired, you miss your only chance at getting the free coins that the platform has to offer. Thus, you need to get the one right CoinDCX coupon code to fill your wallet with a few free crypto coins.

This article will help you with the same. Hereinbelow, we have listed not just one but several working coupon codes that have different offers on them. So, let’s get to it without any further ado!

CoinDCX Coupon Code – The Best Options to Win Free Crypto Coins Quickly and Easily

There is a swarm of CoinDCX coupon codes and referral codes that claim to help you win free cryptocurrencies on the platform. However, every code you find on the internet doesn’t work. So, you need to find the ones that work. Here in this article, we have some that will definitely help you win a lot of free crypto coins.

We will not only discuss the codes to win free coins upon sign up but about other referral codes too that the existing users can use to leverage some benefits in the form of free crypto coins and other lucrative offers.

CoinDCX Referral Code to Win Bitcoins Worth ₹201 on Sign Up

You can easily win Bitcoins of the value of ₹201 upon signing up into the CoinDCX application by using the CoinDCX Coupon Code GET201. You need to follow a step-by-step procedure to make this code work.

Here’s what you need to do-

  1. Click Here & Download or Visit CoinDCX
  2. Install the CoinDCX application and move on to creating your account by clicking on the “Sign Up” button.
  3. On the “Sign Up” page, enter your personal information, i.e., Name, Contact No., Email, and Password.
  4. You will need to verify your mobile number. You can do that by entering the verification code received on your registered mobile number in the application when asked.
  5. Once you’re done with the signup, the application will prompt you about whether you have a CoinDCX Referral Code or Coupon Code. On this prompt, enter the coupon code GET201.

That’s all. You will see Bitcoins worth ₹201 waiting for you in your CoinDCX wallet.

There are other codes for this, too, in addition to GET201. Instead of using GET201, you can also use codes like TAKE201 and JOY201 to get free bitcoins worth ₹201 on the CoinDCX application.

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Get Free Bitcoin Worth ₹100 by Using the Following CoinDCX Coupon Codes – Works for New and Existing Users.

You can also win Bitcoins worth ₹100 on the CoinDCX application by using several other referral codes and coupon codes. The entire sign-up process is the same as explained in the above section.

The only difference will be in the referral codes that you can use. You can use codes like GET100 and NEW100 for the same. You can also use the code PAYTM100 for getting free bitcoins of ₹100 on the CoinDCX application.

The good thing about these codes is that they work for the existing users too. However, you need to go with a different approach in that case. Since you already have an account, the application will not prompt you with the question about the coupon code. So, the procedure to apply the coupon code and get ₹100 free bitcoins is a little different.

Here’s what you need to do-

  1. Go to your CoinDCX application dashboard and keep scrolling down the page.
  2. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a section asking for a Coupon Code.
  3. In that section, enter the CoinDCX Coupon Code that you have. You can use any code mentioned – GET100, NEW100, PAYTM100.
  4. Once you’ve entered the code, click on the Appy button.

That’s all. You’re done!

You can enjoy the free ₹100 bitcoins in your account.

Other CoinDCX Referral Codes and Coupon Codes

In addition to the codes mentioned above, you can use many more coupon codes to get free bitcoins of different values on the CoinDCX application. Moreover, there are a few codes that can help you win cashback too. Below are the details of some of the most popular ways to get bitcoins through codes on the CoinDCX application.

Use the Magicpin Application

The Magicpin application provides vouchers, coupons, and referral codes for many other applications. You can find CoinDCX coupon codes and vouchers on this application that you can use later on the CoinDCX app to get free bitcoins.

One such voucher on the Magicpin application is the ₹150 CoinDCX voucher. You can buy this voucher for a meager value of ₹2 and then go to the CoinDCX app to use the code on this voucher to unlock your ₹150 bitcoins.

Win a Free Bitcoin Voucher worth ₹151 Bitcoins by Using the Phonepe Application

The Phonepe application is known for its rewards and offers. You can win a voucher for free bitcoins worth ₹151 on the CoinDCX application by using the PhonePe application.

All you need to do is make a transaction of at least ₹100 from your PhonePe account, and if you’re lucky, you will get the CoinDCX Referral Code from the Phonepe application, which will be PHONEPE151.

You can then use this code on the CoinDCX application by going to the dashboard and entering the code in the section asking for the same. Once you apply the code, you get the bitcoins worth ₹151 credited to your CoinDCX wallet. However, you need to apply the code within the year as it’s valid until December 31, 2022.

Win CoinDCX Coupon Code by Playing Quizzes

In addition to readily available working codes, you can also win a CoinDCX Coupon Code by playing and winning quizzes on different platforms.

Many platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, etc., hold quizzes to give CoinDCX Coupon Codes as rewards and gift vouchers. Additionally, the CoinDCX platform itself organizes quizzes to reward selected winners with free Bitcoins that they can unlock using the CoinDCX coupon codes and Referral codes.

Get Free Bonus with CoinDCX Coupon Code NEW100 or NEW201

In addition to helping you win free bitcoins upon sign-up, the CoinDCX coupon code NEW100 and NEW201 are also helpful in getting free bonus and cashback offers. You simply have to apply these codes in the application when prompted, and you will get ₹301 as a bonus amount.

Once you get that amount as a bonus, you have a chance to win another ₹250 bonus by following a few extra steps. First of all, you need to complete your KYC on the application. Once done, you must add some funds and make your first transaction on the application.

Simply go to the deposit section on the CoinDCX dashboard and deposit the desired funds. Once done, go back to the main dashboard and search for a specific currency TRX to buy with the added funds.

Once you make the transaction and buy this currency, the application rewards your bonus in the form of a ₹250 Amazon gift voucher that you can use to purchase anything on the Amazon application.

So, these are some ways to win free bitcoins, vouchers, bonuses, and cashback by using a CoinDCX Coupon Code or Referral Code.

However, while you get the bitcoins credited in your wallet, they remain locked, and you need to unlock them to get their value. Here’s how to unlock the bitcoins you’ve won using the codes.

How to Unlock CoinDCX Bitcoins?

Once you check your wallet, you’ll find all your bitcoins locked. However, there’s an easy way to unlock them. You can follow the steps elaborated hereinbelow.

CoinDCX 250 rs, CoinDCX 150 rs, CoinDCX 100 rs Bitcoins Locked? Unlock them before they expire!

  1. Make a deposit on the CoinDCX application. The minimum amount you need to add to your fund for unlocking your bitcoins is ₹100.
  2. Once you’ve added the funds, you need to do at least one transaction on the application. You can buy any cryptocurrency on the application using the funds you have added to your CoinDCX wallet.
  3. Once you do that, your locked bitcoins will be unlocked automatically.

However, you need to go through with this entire process within 30days of applying the coupon, which got you the free bitcoins in the first place. If you do not add funds and make a transaction within 30days, you will lose all the bitcoins that you had won by using the CoinDCX coupon codes, referral codes, vouchers, and your CoinDCX wallet will reverse its value to zero coins.

If you are confused about doing a transaction on the application so soon, given that you are a beginner and still trying to get the hang of things there, you can make a minimum value transaction by simply buying TRX coins. Their value is low, and you have nothing to lose with them. This way, you will neither lose your money nor the free bitcoins that you’ve rightfully earned.

Other Terms and Conditions Regarding the Use of CoinDCX Coupon Code

In addition to the need for unlocking the bitcoins by doing a transaction within 30days, there are other terms and conditions for any CoinDCX coupon code or referral code that you use. They’re as under-.

  1. Some coupon codes are available for existing users. However, most are available only for new users.
  2. One user can use only one coupon code at a time. Additionally, the same user cannot use a particular code more than once.
  3. The coupon codes are a limited-time deal and offer, and CoinDCX holds absolute control and right over canceling and nullifying them at any time.
  4. The codes can only be unlocked by adding real money to the wallet and doing a transaction using that money. Adding cryptocurrencies to the wallets and entering into transactions through them is not considered a criterion for unlocking the locked bitcoins in the CoinDCX wallet.
  5. CoinDCX reserves the rights and controls to hold or reverse the funds in the CoinDCX wallet of any user in case it suspects any malicious activity on their part.

A Quick View of CoinDCX Coupon Code, Referral Code, Vouchers, and Bonuses

S.NoCoinDCX Coupon Code/VoucherCost (if any)Value of BitcoinsWho Can Use the Code
1GET201Free₹201New Users
2TAKE201Free₹201New Users
3JOY201Free₹201New Users
4GET100Free₹100New and Existing Users
5NEW100Free₹100New and Existing Users
6PAYTM100Free₹100New and Existing Users
7MAGICPIN Voucher₹2 for purchase of voucher₹150New and Existing Users
8PHONEPE151 – PhonePe Reward Voucher₹100 for a transaction to get the reward voucher₹151New and Existing Users
9NEW100 or NEW201Cost for making transaction to unlock Amazon voucher₹301 plus ₹250 Amazon VoucherNew Users

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So, this was all about the CoinDCX Coupon Codes. With a single CoinDCX Coupon Code, you can win bitcoins worth ₹100, ₹150, ₹200, and even more. Additionally, you have the chance to win cashback and bonuses.

So, use any CoinDCX Coupon Code you like and get ahead in your crypto journey.



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