CBSE Accountancy Paper WhatsApp Leaked 2018

CBSE Accountancy Paper of 12th Class has been Leaked on Whatsapp and social media platform. Central Board of Secondary Education Accountancy Paper Leaked Toady 15th March 2018.

CBSE Accountancy Paper Whatsapp Leaked 12th Board Exam:

  • 15th March 2018  CBSE Accountancy 12th Paper Leaked
  • Paper Leaked on Whatsapp & Social Media
  • The same set of paper was received by the minister and was cross-checked.

Accounts paper analysis:

The paper comprised of two parts, part A and part B or part C

  • Part A- Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies (60 Marks)
  • Part B- Financial Statement Analysis (20 Marks)
  • Part C- Computerised Accounting (20 Marks)






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