How to Buy JioTag Price & Specification

Jio launched JioTag Like Apple Air Tag Here you will Get Leaks about JioTag. Here you will Get Details About Where to buy JioTag and How to Use this using JioThings App. Jio Not launched for public users yet. But I will Provide About All Information About JioTag so Read Full Article and Information.

JioTag lets you easily track things like your keys, wallet, purse, backpack, luggage, and more.

JioTag Vs Apple Air Tag Details:

Apple has announced its latest product, Air Tag, which is a wireless tracking tag that can be used to find lost items. Jio has also announced its own wireless tracking tag, JioTag. So, which one is better?

Air Tag is a small, square-shaped tag that can be attached to any item. Once it is connected to an iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth, the user can track the item’s location using the Find My app. Air Tag costs Rs 3190 for a set of two tags.

JioTag is also a small, square-shaped tag that can be attached to any item. It uses Bluetooth and GPS technology to track the item’s location. JioTag costs Rs 699 for a set of five tags.

JioTagApple Tag
4 Meter Distance Cover5 Meter Distance Cover
Plastic MaterialMetal Material
Average AccuracyHigh Accuracy
High VolumeMedium Volume
Price Rs 699Price Rs 3500

Apple Air Tag vs JioTag Features & Price:

The Apple Air Tag and the JioTag are two different devices that offer a variety of features. The Air Tag is made by Apple and is designed to work with the iPhone and other Apple products. The JioTag is made by Reliance Jio Infocomm and is designed to work with Android phones. Both tags have a variety of features, but some are specific to one tag or the other.

The Air Tag can be used to find your phone if it’s lost, make payments using Apple Pay, and unlock doors using Bluetooth. The JioTag can be used to find your phone if it’s lost, make payments using NFC, and store tickets, boarding passes, and membership cards.

The Air Tag is available in the United States for Rs 3190, while the JioTag is available in India for Rs 699.

How to Buy JioTag & Where to Buy:

  1. Click Here & Visit JioTag Page {Not Officially Launched Yet}
  2. Register & Login into the Website/App
  3. Add to Cart >> Enter Address
  4. Select Payment Method
  5. That’s it you will Delivered this Product

Jio is rumored to be working on a new product called “Jio Tag” that would work similar to a Tile tracker. Jio Tag would be a small, wireless tag that could be attached to objects like keys, wallets, or backpacks to help track them. The tags would communicate with each other and with an JioTag app to help users find lost items. Jio Tag is expected to be released in 2022.

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