Cricket Match Play Win Free Goodies Cricket Match Play Win Free Goodies – Play 1 Over Cricket Match Score 26-30 Runs & Win Free Goodies. Bingo Offer Cricket Match Play Win Free Goodies. Play This Cricket Game Contest Win Free Goodies. There is no need to purchase any bingo product to participate in this contest offer. You can Play This Contest and chance to win free Goodies & Win more amazing prizes. Fill the form and share your ideas with bingo. Cricket Contest :

Contest Time :10th Oct to 9th January 2022
Winners :9000 Users with Max runs in a day
Contest Link
Prizes :As above mentioned

How to Avail Bingo Cricket Contest:

To participate in the Contest, Participants should follow the following steps:

  1. Scan the QR Code available on Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 packs of Bingo! Potato chips. The QR code is also available on
  2. The Participants can also visit directly to participate in the Contest.
  3. Visit the weblink available through QR Code or the website mentioned above. The link would direct Participants to an interface (akin to game).
  4. Participants must fill the necessary details like name, mobile number and phone number which would be verified by OTP received on the mobile number.
  5. The Participants would need to play the game online and would stand a chance to win Prizes depending on the runs scored.
  6. Entries which are incomplete or not in the format specified in these terms and conditions will not be considered to be valid.

Bingo Cricket Contest Prizes:

  • Prize 1: Table Clock and Pens stand
  • Prize 2: Short glass tray or Cricket sunglasses
  • Prize 3: Panama Cricket Hat or Mini Portable projector
  • Prize 4: Gym Bag or Sipper
  • Prize 5: Jersey or Cricket Bats.







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