Top 10 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps to Earn Money 2022

Top 10 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps to Earn Money 2023

Fantasy Cricket Apps , Top Fantasy Cricket Apps , Best Fantasy Cricket Apps , Highest Paying Fantasy Cricket Apps , Best Fantasy Cricket Websites. Are you a cricket fan? If yes, you would be updated regarding the tip-to-toe of the game. Be it from scores and run-rates to the player’s personal lives; you would be feeling a close connection with all of these. But, with time, our lives have started becoming busy, and you would not get the time to play on the grounds!

Even after the lockdown, the situation worsened as the movement was restricted. It was this time when fantasy cricket gained popularity. Moreover, with the highest paying fantasy cricket apps non, cricket fans also started playing them for earnings. Let’s have a look at the top Cricket fantasy apps:

Best Fantasy Cricket Apps 2023 List:

Fantasy cricket apps are a great way to make money by playing the game you love. Here is a list of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps that can help you make some quick cash.

Best Fantasy Cricket AppsBonus
Sportasy Fantasy₹100
MPL FantasyUpto ₹500
MyTeam11₹150 Bonus
PlayerzpotUpto ₹500
11 Challengers₹100
FanFightUpto ₹500
Sixer Fantasy₹50
Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

Top 10 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

The following are the top best fantasy cricket apps: Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

Cricket is a sport that is beloved by many people around the world. It is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. While cricket is typically played in person, there is a growing trend of people playing fantasy cricket online.

Fantasy cricket apps are becoming increasingly popular as they provide users with an opportunity to earn money while playing the game. There are many different fantasy cricket apps available, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

1. OneTo11 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

You might seem weird on seeing it in the top fantasy cricket apps list, as you might not have heard the name before. If you don’t know, then it’s a recently launched credit fantasy cricket app. Moreover, many of you must have used it also and may have loved it! It gained popularity as it was the first cricket fantasy app in India to have net income. But how could you begin earning for the very first time? Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

OneTo11 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

You might have friends who are fond of cricket. Invite and send them referrals; when they use it, you can earn depending upon referrals, withdraw once you have a lump sum amount, and then withdraw them. The best part that OneTo11 offers are that you need to have at least INR 50 to withdraw. Yes, you heard it right! You can withdraw such a low amount that other apps don’t let you. You can even use its instant withdrawal feature that not all the apps provide! Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

There is also the option of instant withdrawal.

  • Signup Bonus – ₹100 
  • Direct Download Link – Download Here
  • OneTo11 Refer Code is – COAA6X4V
  • Full Details & Step By Step Guide – OneTo11 Referral Code

2. Sportasy Fantasy App

As the name suggests, the app is a perfect combination of Sports and Fantasy. Again, it’s a recently introduced app; however, you should know what makes the app extraordinary! You can build your team using your experience, mind, and competence to win real-time cash. The top features of the app are: Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

Sportasy Fantasy App
  • Commission charges are comparatively lesser than other apps.
  • You earn a 25% affiliate commission upon referrals
  • The app has unique things like the “Unique Comeback Contest” that too with a commission that’s too low, like 5%

These features make the app an incredible platform loved by the users. It’s easier to earn more and more using the app, and losses are negligible. So, it’s a “back with a bang” app.

  • Signup Bonus – ₹100
  • Direct Download Link – Download Here
  • Sportasy Refer Code is – 
  • Full Details & Step By Step Guide – Sportasy Referral Code

3. Dream 11 Top Best Cricket Fantasy Apps

You all must have used it at least once! If not, then you would have heard its name. The name Dream 11 itself gives us “fantasy cricket vibes.” Moreover, it was the first fantasy cricket app launched in India. Initially, it was a not-so-popular website, but later became known as a legitimate app that attracted many users after learning how it works. Being the first fantasy sports app, it is the most renowned app.

Dream 11 Top Best Cricket Fantasy Apps

Besides cricket, you can even play other excellent sports like kabaddi that rises from Indian grounds, football, basketball, and hockey. The app works. Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

To start with, you have a 100-credit-limit, and teh challenge is that you should build your team using that limit. Afterward, you could choose a Captain, a Vice-Captain that would lead your team. The captain will receive 2x points, and your vice-captain will receive 1.5x points by creating multiple teams and joining the same contest. Here you’re more likely to win in any of them. Upon registering in the most incredible yet kind of vintage cricket fantasy app, you get INR 100 as check-in-bonus. You can use a referral code to help your friends earn. Moreover, you can use INR 25 of the check-in bonus to join the ongoing contests.

  • Signup Bonus – ₹100 
  • Direct Download Link – Download Here
  • Dream11 Refer Code is – KAZISA352BC
  • Full Details & Step By Step Guide – Dream11 Referral Code

4. MPL Fantasy 

After Dream 11, MPL is the second-most- popular fantasy cricket app. Initially, the app allowed users to play Gan and Earn Paytm cash via the app. However, it lets you play fantasy cricket games to earn cool cash prizes. With more fame, it developed more and is one of the trendiest platforms now! To play fantasy cricket tournaments, you need to use some Tokens or Cash. Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

MPL Fantasy 
  • Signup Bonus – ₹100 
  • Direct Download Link – Download Here
  • MPL Fantasy Refer Code is – 
  • Full Details & Step By Step Guide – MPL Fantasy Referral Code


5. Myteam11 Fantasy App:

The app has all the conventional features that the other apps have. In addition, it is said to be my favorite fantasy cricket app. Why so? What makes the app stand out from others? 

The feature that I feel the best is that it has two cricket fantasy modes that are Normal mode and Safe Play Mode. When you play a game in the normal mode the league closes an hour before the match begins. When you choose the Safe Play, leagues close just when the game starts. Are you wondering how this helps?

Myteam11 Fantasy App

Well, it will help you select the players who will be playing the game! You should complete the verification process as early as possible to be able to withdraw the amount quickly.  Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

6. PlayersPot

It is another fantastic yet one of the best cricket fantasy apps. However, if you love sports, then it has several options for not only fantasy cricket but also other fantasy sports like kabaddi and football. Though you get a lower check-in bonus, it pays a handsome amount through its referral programs.

PlayersPot Best Cricket Fantasy Apps

Upon signing up, you receive a cash bonus of INR 30. If your referrals join any leagues or matches, you win approximately 2% of the league’s entry fee. Here you need a minimum of INR 150 as the withdrawal amount. Again the best part is that you can withdraw money even without completing KYC. If you want, then you could withdraw it in your Paytm.

7. 11 Challengers

Launched in IPL 2020, the cricket fantasy app is one of the most profitable deals for you to grab. With referrals, you can earn upto INR 100 as cash along with 20% commission upon every contest they participate in, that too forever. Besides, the app also has plenty of free games, and it’s the legit reason for you to use the app.  Upon signing in, you get a bonus of INR 100 as cash.

11 challengers Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

Besides, it provides you the opportunity to play several more fantasy sports like basketball, football, baseball, and much more. You can even withdraw your rewards without completing the KYC process. Moreover, you could also use Paytm for payments. So if you are looking for the highest paying fantasy cricket apps, you should play them. 

  • Signup Bonus – ₹100 
  • Direct Download Link – Download Here
  • 11 Challengers Refer Code is – 
  • Full Details & Step By Step Guide – 11 Challengers Referral Code

8. FanFight

Another legendary cricket fantasy app is FanFight. Here, you cannot use 100% of the cash bonus as any contest’s entry fees, but you can use somewhere around 20% of it. The FanFight is only beneficial for long-time players as the minimum withdrawal amount here is INR 250.


You might think of it as a significant drawback, but it is not! In this way, you can earn more and then withdraw only when it’s a handsome account.  Upon referrals, you will get 50% of the cash from their first deposit. You can withdraw your money to your bank account but not on Paytm. Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

9. FanMojo

It’s another fantasy sports app providing the best sporting experience with its rich features. However, there’s no referral program or any check-in bonus. But the cool part is that it gives you a cash bonus upon your first deposit.

FanMojo Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

You might be wondering if there are no profitable deals, then what makes it one of the best apps? Well, the app is a fantasy cricket app for sports lovers to explore their talent and to provide them with the best fantasy cricket experience, and the motto is not to earn! 

  • Signup Bonus – ₹100 
  • Direct Download Link – Download Here
  • FanMojo Refer Code is – aypo5fxy
  • Full Details & Step By Step Guide – FanMojo Referral Code

10. Sixer Fantasy App

The recently launched extraordinary cricket fantasy apps are something worth trying.  It’s exceptional as the gameplay is different from conventional fantasy cricket apps. Here you won’t be playing fantasy cricket. Instead, you would be trading fantasy stocks.

Sixer Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

It sounds weird, and several questions may have surrounded you, like “how is it a fantasy cricket app” or anything such! But, it combines fantasy cricket with stock markets to let you explore the best of your potential. You still didn’t get it? Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

Well, here, you have to trade stocks in terms of players. Sounds something out-of-the-box? Yes, it is! The sign-in bonus provides you with one stock free of cost; to earn more, you can use the referral program. It would help you by rewarding you with one stock whenever your friend deposits cash in their Sixer Fantasy accounts.  Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India.

The best part is initially; I had trouble being comfortable with trading as I wasn’t sure if it would profit me or not. So, I switched to Tokens played with them until I was mentally prepared to trade with legitimate money! Kudos to its creativity

  • Signup Bonus – ₹100 
  • Direct Download Link – Download Here
  • Sixer Refer Code is – 
  • Full Details & Step By Step Guide – Sixer Referral Code


Best Fantasy Cricket Apps Indian 2023. Cricket has its roots in India. Not just a word but an emotion for Indians. Sports lovers never miss a single chance to find a cricket in their daily lives, so if you’re a cricket fan who loves to play, then these are the best fantasy cricket apps where you can utilize your skills. 

If you love fantasy cricket apps, then read on to know the best fantasy cricket apps in India. highest paying best fantasy cricket apps India 2023.




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