Amazon Realme Level Solve & Clear 3 Levels Get Rs 1 Smartphone

Amazon Realme Levels – Answer & win Realme Smartphone. Answer All Realme Questions if you complete all Level and Correct Answer. Amazon Get 15th Luck Users Get Free Realme Smartphone. So Answer Listed Below 24th May 2018.

How to Solve Realme Level Win a RealMe Smartphone:

  1. Click Here & Download Amazon App (This Contest Only for App Users)
  2. Login in to the App
  3. You will See Amazon RealMe Levels Win a Realme Rs 1 Banner on Amazon App
  4. Tap on You will Ask Question Answer
  5. Answer Added Below
  6. If you are Lucky Users You will Get at Just Rs 1 Realme Smartphone

RealMe Level Contest Solve Answer & Win Realme Smartphone:


RealMe Level 1 Questions and Answers:

1. What is the maximum RAM + Memory combination that the RealMe 1 is available in?
Answer: 6GB + 128GB
2. How many drop tests has the RealMe 1 gone through?
Answer: 10,000
3. According to Greek mythology, which of these is considered to be the god of strength and power?
Answer: Kratos

RealMe Level 2 Questions and Answers:

1. A diamond, in its purest form, is made up of __. Fill in the blank.
Answer: Carbon
2. Which of these is NOT a style of photography?
Answer: Butterfly Stroke
3. Which of these is NOT a feature of the RealMe 1’s camera?
Answer: Time Travel

RealMe Level 3 Questions and Answers:

1. RealMe 1 has an AI processor. What does ‘AI’ stand for in this context?
Answer: Artificial Intelligence
2. Sophia is an AI robot, and the first one to get citizenship from any country. Which country granted her its citizenship?
Answer: Saudi Arabia
3. AI Recognition in the RealMe 1 supports facial unlock in less than 0.1 second
Answer: True

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