Amazon Moto Riddles Solve & Answers Win Moto G6

Amazon Moto Riddles Solve Quiz and Chance to Win Free Moto G6 Smartphone. Amazon Moto Riddles Answer 28th May 2018. Amazon Quiz App Only Play This Quiz and Get Exclusive Prizes. Tweet with #HelloMotoRiddles. There are a total of 12 Prizes that will be given under this on test. The Prize will be delivered to the winner on before 31st July 2018.

How to Play Amazon Moto Riddles Quiz:

  1. Click Here & Download Amazon App (This Contest Only for App Users)
  2. Login in to the App
  3. You will See Amazon Moto Riddles Quiz Contest Banner on Amazon App
  4. Tap on You will Ask Question Answer
  5. Answer Added Below
  6. If you are Lucky Users You will Get Free Amazon Pay Balance Rs 5000

Answers Of Moto Riddles Quiz Solve:

1. I have a shutter, sometimes not just one but two, that works best when you say ‘Cheese’. What am I?
Answer: Camera/Dual Camera
2. I am the ‘classic’ greeting you have probably heard of before, use me as a ringtone or sing it as a song
Answer: Hello Moto
3. The Khaleesi has 3 like me, but I have the power to ‘snap’. Who am I?
Answer: Snapdragon
4. Daft Punk won the Grammy in 2014 for me. But I’m also an essential part of your phone. Who am I?
Answer: RAM
5. I am the newest member in the Moto G family. They say I’m a shutterbug, moviebuff, gamingpro and ‘designed with you in mind’. Who am I?
Answer: Moto G6

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