{Answer Added}Amazon Cricket Quiz Question Answer 6th May 2018

Amazon Cricket Quiz Question and Answer 29th April 2018. Amazon Quiz Contest Play and Win Huge Amount and Products. Amazon is again back with Cricket Quiz Asked Some Question all Right Answers. If you are Lucky Users You will Get Rs 20000 Prize. Amazon Cricket Quiz Contest Total 20 Winners will be selected to Get Rs 20000 Prize. This Quiz is live 31st may 2018

How to Play Amazon Cricket Quiz Contest:

  1. Click Here & Download Amazon App (This Contest Only for App Users)
  2. Login in to the App
  3. You will See Amazon Cricket Quiz Contest Banner on Amazon App
  4. Tap on You will Ask 5 Question Answer
  5. Answer Added Below
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Amazon Cricket Quiz Answers 6th May 2018

1. In the case of a ‘freehit’ the batsman can only be dismissed through which of the following?
Answer:  A run out
2.  You can tell Alexa to book tickets for Royal Challengers Bangalore’s home matches?
Answer:  True
3. In an uninterrupted T20 cricket match each bowler may bowl a maximum of __ overs
Answer:  4
4. Which of these is NOT a field position in cricket?
Answer:  Shot
5. In cricket, the term Skipper refers to?
Answer: The Team Captain

Amazon Cricket Quiz Answers 28th April 2018

1. In the context of a T20 match, what is a ‘free hit’?
Answer: If a bowler delivers a no-ball
2. Which mathematical formulation is used to reset targets in rain-affected cricket matches?
Answer:  The Duckworth–Lewis (D/L) method
3. In the context of cricket what is a ‘dot ball’?
Answer:  A delivery bowled without any runs scored off it
4. In the context of a T20 match, what is ‘powerplay’?
Answer:  During the first 6 overs, a max. of two fielders can be outside the 30-yard circle
5. Which of these is NOT a type of delivery in cricket?
Answer: Evil
6. Presently, who is the captain of the India’s Women’s T-20 International team?
Answer: Harmanpreet Kaur
7. In which country did Twenty20 cricket first originate?


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