Airtel Reward Tune Free at Rs. 15/- Every month

Airtel Reward Tune Offers Rs 15 Free Recharge Every Month. Airtel is offering Rs 15 Plan every month to get Reward tune free. . How you will Get Rs 15 Every Month. This is a life time FREE tune Service from Airtel. The person who is calling you for more than 5 seconds then you will get 5 paisa talk time. The credit for a total number of eligible advertisements played during a day will be transferred to your main account balance next day. You will recived a maximum credit of Rs. 15 for a month.

Airtel Give Lifetime Free at Rs 15 :-

  1. Click here to go to
  2. First of all, Dial 50080 from your Airtel Sim
  3. Select Your language then press 1 & again press 5
  4. That’s it, Your Airtel Reward Pack has been activated Successfully Without any Charge
  5. Enjoy

Sending SMS Get Airtle Lifetime Free at Rs 15 :-

  1. You can also Activate this pack by sending message RT to 50080 or Dialing *580#
    Note: Reward Tune is applicable only for a Non HelloTune subscriber.
  2. In every Advertisement played to Caller for more than 5 seconds, Called Person who is subscribe to Reward Tune Service will get 5 paisa talk time.






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