AAX Referral Code rkZ1A1U65pzJr Get Upto $110 Bonus

AAX Referral Code rkZ1A1U65pzJr to Get Upto $110 Bonus in your AAX Wallet. This Bonus use for Trade Money & Transfer into Bank Account. Also, You can Earn More Money Using AAX Refer and Earn Program. The latest AAX referral code is 5Z1qQFRVozNM and you can earn a Free $110 bonus as a new user when you complete the signup process.

Established in early 2018, AAX.com is a cryptocurrency spot and futures trading platform. LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange powers AAX, the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange. It’s also the first of its kind to incorporate the Partner Platform of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

This cryptocurrency exchange provides up to 100x leverage, as well as more than 50 spot trading pairings and valued exchange products. It’s simple to use and appealing to a variety of traders. The use of LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange matching engine for AAX is a bold step to incorporate organizational efficiency and practice guidelines into the nascent digital asset market.

AAX Referral Code

You may welcome individuals to the AAX Tribe Referral Program and earn a 40% commission on every transaction they make. To obtain your personal AAX referral code and link, go to:

  • Create an account on AAX.com.
  • Register or Log in to your account
  • If you are New User Use This Referral Code rkZ1A1U65pzJr
  • Go to ‘Promotions.’
  • Pick ‘AAX Tribe.’
  • Then find your AAX referral code by looking for it in the section, link, or QR code.

The most recent AAX referral code for 2022 is “rkZ1A1U65pzJr”, which can be used to earn a $110 new user referral bonus after finalizing your enrollment.

AAX Referral CoderkZ1A1U65pzJr
AAX Referral LinkClick Here
Referral BenefitGet Upto $110 Bonus
Refer and EarnGet FREE USDT Token

How to Get AAX Referral Code:

  1. Open AAX account by logging in.
  2. Go to the ‘Refer Friends’ area and look for it.
  3. Remember your referral code and URL.
  4. Tell your friends about your referral code.
  5. Receive a 40% commission.
  6. All you have to do now is go to the ‘Refer Friends’ section and encourage your friends to join and transact with AAX using your QR code, referral link, or invitation code.

Benefits of AAX Referrals

  • You may earn up to 40% compensation on every transaction that your direct referrals complete.
  • You can earn an additional 10% of your direct referral invites anybody to AAX.
  • Reduced spot trading costs for both the maker and the taker. The discount will be calculated instantly.
  • The amount of referrals that a single account may invite is unrestricted.

Affiliate Program for AAX

It’s also known as the Affiliate Scheme, and it’s a referral program in which users may watch their friends join AAX and enjoy a variety of perks together. When your friends join for an account using your referral code/link, you may earn up to 40% in commission returns on transactions they make.

Additionally, you may receive a 10% commission rebate for any transaction created by a 2nd-degree warrior participant. Every day, at UTC 00:00, all referral commissions will be computed and transferred to the tribe ownership accounts.

How can I use an AAX Referral Code to buy crypto with AAX?

First and foremost, you must enroll as a new user on AAX’s official website.

  1. Go to the official website and click the “Get Started” link. You may join up with your email address or a phone number.
  2. Fill in the needed information, such as an email or phone number, the password you created, and the AAX referral code “rkZ1A1U65pzJr”. After that, tick the box that says “I agree” and sign up.
  3. Create a password for the site that is strong for further protection, and ensure to apply the AAX referral code. This will help you get the new user bonus with the AAX referral.
  4. This will establish an account for you, and the AAX referral code bonus will be paid to your wallet.
  5. You’ll also receive your own AAX referral code that you can use to welcome friends. If a friend joins the AAX Exchange using your AAX referral code from the Referral Program, you will get a commission.
  6. After that, make a wallet and search the website for holdings and listings. Then buy the coin in the currency of your choice.


This discussion was based on the AAX referral code that is obtained for getting discounts and other exchange values in cryptocurrency. The way how you can obtain the code and how you would be using it is all shared in the discussion. For more, see our website.

The AAX referral program is a source where users may watch their friends join AAX and enjoy a variety of perks together. When your friends join an account using your referral code/link, you may earn up to 40% in commission returns on transactions they make.

AAX Referral Code is rkZ1A1U65pzJr.

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