D-Mart is Giving Free INR2500 Shopping Voucher Details Inside

D-Mart is Giving Free Rs 2500 Shopping Gift Voucher Viral Message Whatsapp is Fake.  http://www.dmartındia.com/voucher  Enjoy. http://xn--dmartndia-zpb.com/voucher. D-Mart Celebrate it 17th Anniversary it is Fake Viral Message Don’t Share on your Whatsapp Don’t Believe on this Message.
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D-Mart Free INR2500 Shopping Voucher Whatsapp Viral Message:

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Dear Customers, There are certain miscreants forwarding link to a fake website which purportedly is giving out DMart Shopping voucher. Please note that we at DMart have not issued any such vouchers. Please do not fall prey to such offers.
D-Mart is giving FREE INR2500 shopping voucher ? to celebrate it’s 17th anniversary, click here to get yours : http://www.dmartındia.com/voucher  Enjoy. http://xn--dmartndia-zpb.com/voucher

This Above Messages Viral on Whatsapp Messanger this is Fake Message and this website also Fake.
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