Upgrade Vodafone Sim in 4G Get Free 2 GB 4G Data Offer

Vodafone’s Offer free 2 GB 4G data on 4G SIM upgrade. Upgrade your Vodafone 2G or 3G sim in 4G SIM You get Free 2 GB 4G data in super net offer by Vodafone every customers. upgrade your exiting prepaid or postpaid sim into 4G sim. Move to a 4G SIM today and get 2GB data Free


The wait is over. And we have made sure it was absolutely worth it. With Vodafone SuperNetTM4G you can enjoy blazing speeds and excellent connectivity with advanced technology. It is the very best of what we have to offer.
Would you not want your smartphone to gain superpowers? It is time to switch to something super.
Important Points :-

  1. This offer applicable only 4g Handset users only.
  2. 2GB of Free 4G data is valid only for 10 days.
  3. Postpaid customers can enjoy the benefit until their next billing date.
  4. Valid only in select circles like Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, and Punjab (where voda 4G available ).
  5. Users will have to make do with 3G if 4G services are not available.
  6. For more detail call voda customer care.

To know what goes behind Vodafone SuperNetTM 4G, click here.

Benefits of Vodafone SuperNetTM 4G

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To enjoy 4G you need the following:enjoy_4g_img

Apart from using the latest 4G technology, Vodafone SuperNetTM 4G utilizes some of the most advanced technologies in the world, to ensure you have a superior all-round experience.

  1. SON: We use Cisco’s SON (Self Optimizing Network) technology to deliver superior mobile experience, improved voice call quality and reduced dropped calls. SON provides our network the intelligence to understand your needs and optimize itself in real-time in a manner that delivers even better voice and mobile internet experience to you.
  2. Future-ready Technology: Much of our network has been upgraded to an all-IP technology, ready even for 5G technology. An all IP network ensures that pages you browse or your downloads from the internet reaches you superfast.
  3. Fiber Backhaul: We have a high capacity backhaul in most of our sites allowing mobile internet to flow without any blockage. Simply put, we have a fatter pipe connected to our cell sites ensuring that the pages you browse and images/videos load on your phone quickly.
  4. Network Roll-out: Over the last three months we have completed a massive roll-out of new cell sites and we continue to roll out new sites. We rolled out more than 5 sites/hour to ensure you get a superior network and wider coverage.
  5. International Roaming on 4G: Vodafone’s global reach makes it the only operator in India to provide 4G experience on International Roaming across 14 markets.
  6. 4G Experience: Our 4G network on the superior 1800 MHz spectrum offers not just blazing speeds but also better indoor coverage.






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