SBI Customers Cannot be add Paytm Wallet SBI Promotes Own App

Now SBI Customers CANNOT Use Paytm Wallet, SBI Promotes Its Own App!. Bad News For Paytm Users You are Using SBI Netbanking cannot be to add money into your paytm wallet. Because SBI Promoting Own App SBI Buddy App.

Twitter User Complained on SBI Official Twitter account about add money issue. Than SBI reply  Add money” to PayTM using SBI Internet banking has been disabled by bank. We recommend using State Bank Buddy mobile, wallet app for Android and iOS devices. Funds may be added to State Bank Buddy through SBI Internet banking.

SBI Band had earlier shared a Picture Banner supposedly outside an SBI branch, where a banner had compared SBI Buddy’s feature to Paytm. The banner, which read more like a Whatsapp forward and less like the marketing collateral of a national bank, highlighted Paytm’s Chinese ownership, and raised questions about its security.
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