Radio Active Ink in Rs.500 and Rs.2000 Notes

Radio active ink is present on rs 500 and rs 2000 notes to trace the money is this news is true or false lets see what is this actually is this fake viral like chip present in notes or is this true to trace black money by radio active ink.
Radio Active Ink in Rs.500 and Rs.2000 Notes

What is Radio Active Ink?

WHEN autoradiography is used to detect labelled compounds on paper chromatograms, a radioactive ink is a useful adjunct. With this ink, a visible mark can be made on both the paper and the X-ray film in order to assist their re-alignment after the film has been developed. For radioactive components of such ink, non-volatile compounds of carbon-14 or sulphur-35 have been suggested, but suitable materials are expensive so that a cheaper alternative was sought.
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Chip or radioactive ink?

After the rumours of GPS chip embedded in the new currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 went viral, a new theory of radioactive ink has emerged. Yes, you read that right! The radioactive ink is already being used by the governments in the developed countries as indicator.
Actually, P32 is a radioactive isotope of Phosphorus consisting of 15 protons and 17 neutrons and it is used in the radioactive ink in minimum quantity. It is used like a radioactive warning tape.

Why It going viral ?

The reason this is going viral is because of the recent raids by the IT department in various locations across India. These successful raids have taken place in in Delhi, Chennai, Vellore, Bengaluru and Pune.

Is Radio Active Ink is present on Rs.500 or Rs.2000 Notes?

There has been no official clarification on the radioactive ink theory from the Ministry of Finance (MoF) or Reserve Bank of India. So these could only be mere speculations of the many minds who spread the rumours about GPS theory.






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