Ola air ride with helicopter chopper #chaloudlo

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Ola air ride with helicopter chopper #chaloudlo

Ola air ride with helicopter #chaloudlo

Ola introduces ola ride with helicopter yes all are thinking about april fool but ola make a revolutionary change in transportation .

lets see how it will be

Introducing Ola Air, a revolutionary service in the sky from Ola. Say Ola to future of taxi service that defies gravity.

This is the way to the future:

Your Ola app will transform the way you travel, forever. Now our customers can book a chopper ride in just one click, from the Ola app just like booking a cab or an auto! For just Rs.499 per hour!.

Features that will blow your mind:

  • Track your helicopter ride in real time
  • Choose your pickup location
  • Get pilot details
  • Door-to-door pickup*
*Available for Ola customers with private helipads

More reasons to #ChaloUdlo

With Ola Air app, you can also request entertainment videos, a romantic candle light dinner, choose transit music, and a lot more. The possibilities are endless up there!  Know more…
Ola Café:
Hungry for more? Now Pre-book a meal for your chopper ride. Pick your favourites from your Ola café menu.
Feel your travel worries disappearing into thin air. With no traffic, no crowd but a lot of style 24/7. Book a chopper ride for just Rs. 499 per hour! No more haggling or hidden charges in the night.
What next?
Request a service you like from Ola.  Know more…

Message from CEO (Bhavish Aggarwal) :

Today with a presence in over 100 cities, we are transporting people to where they want, when they want… but we wanted to take it notches higher.”


Ola Air helicopter chopper fares starting at Rs 499






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