Modi KeyNote App is a Prank Not a Genuine App Fake

Modi Keynote App Is a Prank, and Not a Genuine Currency Authentication Tool. Narendra Modi annoucemnet of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency note not valid. The introduction of new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes launch the new currecy notes.
Barra Skull Studios Make Modi KeyNote App is no loger listed on google play store. This app Scran Rs 500 & Rs 2000 note you will see Narendra Modi Speech refarding black money
As must be clarified, the developers of the Modi Keynote are not associated with the government and have clearly mentioned in their Google Play listing that the app is ‘just for fun’. The app makes use of smartphone’s camera, and likely uses basic scanning tools to recognise the differences between real and fake, old and new currency notes – but will miss out on tiny but important details.

HIGHLIGHTS of Modi KeyNote App :-

  • The prank app has been taken off Google Play
  • Similar prank apps have now turned up on Google Play
  • Has been floated around as authentication tool for new currency notes

How to Find Modi Messeage When you scan the Rs 500 or Rs 2000 :-

  1. Click Here & Download Modi KeyNote (Play Store Deleted This App) | Modi KeyNote Apk
  2. Install & Open Modi KeyNote App
  3. Than Scan the Note
  4. You will See Modi Message on Black Money

How to Use Modi KeyNote App Video Tutorial :-






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