Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi-Dhan Vyapar Yojana

NITI Aayog announces launch of the schemes – Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi-Dhan Vyapar Yojana – for incentivising digital payment. Special Incentives to Encourage Digital Payments.

It would be recalled that towards this end, the Government had launched a major drive for financial inclusion in terms of opening Jan Dhan accounts, giving a statutory basis for Aadhar, implementation of Directs Benefits Transfer, introduction of RuPay Cards and Voluntary Disclosure Scheme for unaccounted money. Demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rs. notes was another important milestone in this endeavour. Following demonetization, there has been a spurt in the digital payments across the country and both the volume and amount of money transacted through digital methods has seen manifold increase since November 9th
Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi-Dhan Vyapar Yojana
The primary aim of these schemes is to incentivize digital transactions so that electronic payments are adopted by all sections of the society, especially the poor and the middle class. It has been designed keeping in mind all sections of the society and their usage patterns. For instance, the poorest of poor will be eligible for rewards by using USSD. People in village and rural areas can participate in this scheme through AEPS. The scheme will become operational with the first draw on 25th December, 2016 (as a Christmas gift to the nation) leading up to a Mega Draw on Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti on 14th April 2017. It will comprise of two major components, one for the Consumers and the other for the Merchants:

Lucky Grahak Yojana [Consumers] :

  1. Daily reward of Rs 1000 to be given to 15,000 lucky Consumers for a period of 100 days;
  2. Weekly prizes worth Rs 1 lakh, Rs 10,000 and Rs. 5000 for Consumers who use the alternate modes of digital Payments
  3. Under  the customers will be benefitted. More a customer will swipe a debit or credit card or any other digital mode of payments like internet banking or e-wallet, more that particular customer gets chance to win minimum Rs. 1000/- per day or Rs. 1 Lakh per week.
  4. The scheme will start implementing from this Christmas that is from 25th December 2016. It will end on 14th April 2017. On the last day of the scheme the mega winner;s name will be announced. The prize money for the mega winner will be Rs. 1 Cr.
  5. Between 25th December 2016 and 14th April 2017 customers can transact as much as money through digital transactions. All these will be counted and recorded under NITI Aayog to track the record of the transactions.
  6. National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) will be the main channel through which the scheme will be implemented across the nation.

This will include all forms of transactions viz. UPI, USSD, AEPS and RuPay Cards but will for the time being exclude transactions through Private Credit Cards and Digital Wallets.

Digiधन Vyapar Yojana[ Merchants] :-

  1. Prizes for Merchants for all digital transactions conducted at Merchant establishments
  2. Weekly prizes worth Rs. 50,000, Rs 5,000 and Rs. 2,500
  3. Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana is for the merchants of the nation. Those who still don’t have POS or Point of Scale machines for cashless transaction will not be eligible for the lucky draw.
  4. To be the part of this scheme all the merchants (small or big) are needed to install POS machines and opt for cashless transactions. Through these POS machines will record the location and the transactions.
  5. Under DDVY the merchants will be able to win Rs. 50, 000/- every week from 25th December 2016 to 14th April 2017. There will be a mega award for the merchants as well. That will be announced on 14th April 2017 along with the winner of LGY.

Mega Draw on 14th of April – Ambedkar Jayanti :-

  1. 3 Mega Prizes for consumers worth Rs 1 cr, 50 lakh, 25 lakh for digital transactions between 8th November, 2016 to 13thApril, 2017 to be announced on 14th April, 2017
  2. 3 Mega Prizes for merchants worth Rs 50 lakhs, 25 lakh, 12 lakh for digital transactions between 8th November, 2016 to 13th April, 2017 to be announced on 14th

Things to Know About the Schemes Lucky Grahak Yojana & Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana :-

Announced by Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog
Announced on 15th December 2016
Aim of the scheme To encourage digital transaction especially in rural areas
Types of digital transaction RuPay Cards, USSD, UPI, AEPS and Aadhaar linked transactions
Choice of winner Lucky draw
No of winner 15,000 customers per day7000 customers per week
7000 merchants per week
Budget for the scheme Rs. 340 Cr.
Limit of transaction From Rs. 50/- and Rs. 3000/- as low as transactions to encourage backward sections as well.
Time span of the schemes One time (from 25th December to 14th April)
Prize for merchants 50 Lakh, 25 Lakh and 5 Lakh
Prize for customers 1 Cr, 50 Lakh and 25 Lakh







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