How to Send Facebook Gif in Whatsapp easily using this trick

How to send facebook GIF on WhatsApp in Android and iPhone. Whatsapp finally started gif image feature with latest whatsapp version (Android-2.16.310, iOS – 2.16.16). Yes you can send and receive GIF messages on Whatsapp with the new update. this tutorial you help to send facebook gif on whatsapp in android and iPhone.

How to Send Facebook Gifs in Whatsapp Messenger :-

  1. First of all Open Facebook in your desktop or mobile browser
  2. Open Gifs File like showing in image
    How to Open Facebook Gif File and Download Free Photo
    Save as & Download Gif Photo
  3. Than This Gif File upload on this website click here
    Convert Gif to Video in MP4
  4. Than Your Gif File Converted in Video MP4
  5. Than Open Whatsapp in your mobile and upload this video
    How to upload Gif file on whatsapp
  6. you will see top right side gif option
    send animated gif on whatsapp
  7. Enable Gif Than upload
  8. You Successfully uploaded Gif in your Whatsapp







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