Chillr Referral Code :- EHAT988 Get Rs 100 in Bank Account Per Referral Rs 100 – Rs 200

Chillr Referral Code :- EHAT988 Chillr App Refer & Earn Rs. 100 or Rs. 200 in Bank Account per Friend. Chillr is a revolutionary app that lets you send money immediately to anyone. Get Chillr to experience instant money transfers, recharges and utility bill payments all directly from your bank account. Access you money digitally without having to store it in a third party money app. No more hassles of adding beneficiaries. In past Chillr app offered great Refer & Earn program now again its back with bang. This time get Rs. 100 or Rs. 200 directly in your bank account. You need to refer your friend, once your friend make 1st transaction, you rewarded with Rs. 100. Additionally, invite friends from either Andhra Bank, Bharat Bank, Bank of Baroda, Catholic Syrian Bank, Federal Bank, The Greater Bombay Cooperative Bank or Punjab & Maharashtra Cooperative Bank & earn Rs 200 on every invite. Offer valid till 31st Oct.

Chillr Referral Code :

Chillr referral Code EHAT988
Using Referral Code Get Free Rs 100 (1st Transaction)
Earn per Referral Rs 100
Send Rs 1 to Get Rs 100 Send to ehatesham@hdfcbank{UPI id}
Chillr Redeem Bank Transfer

Chillr Referral Code :- EHAT988

How to get Chillr App Refer & Earn Rs. 100 or Rs. 200 in Bank Account per Friend?

  1. Download Chillr App| Offer Source
  2. Enter your mobile number and Click Continue.
  3. Enter Your Name, Email id and in Referral code field enter Chiller Referral Code :- AAMER84
  4. Cick Continue to verify your Mobile number.
  5. After verification you will see Bank List, Select your Bank. Partner banks (Andhra Bank, Bharat Bank, Bank of Baroda, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank or Punjab & Maharashtra Cooperative Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, The Greater Bombay Cooperative Bank) can Recharge, Receive and send Money. Other Bank customers can only receive money for time being.
  6. Generate MMID to get started on Chillr, you need to add last 3 digit of your choice and click continue. Your 7 digit MMDI will be generated.
  7. Now Make one transaction, it can be Rs. 10 recharge or you can simply send Rs. 1 to your Chillr Friend. Note: Send Money feature is available for all bank users but Recharge and other features are available only for partner bank.
  8. Click on Banner “Invite & Earn Rs. 100 Cash” Banner.
  9. Get your Referral code and share with friend.
  10. You earn Rs. 100 for each friend who download, Sign up with your Referral code and make first transaction.


Chillr Referral Proof :-

chillr Proof

Terms and Conditions of Chillr App Refer & Earn in Bank Account

  1. Chillr – a brand by Backwater Technologies is holding the contest “Invite and Earn” (here-in-after referred to as “The Contest”) which is valid throughout India except in the states where prohibited by law.
  2. Earn real money straight into your bank account after successfully inviting friends to Chillr. An invite is successful only if the invitee makes a successful transaction on Chillr.
  3. Get INR 100 on every successful invite within the Diwali offer period.
  4. The Diwali offer is in effect from 00:00 hours on 21st October, 2016 till 23:59 hours on 31st October, 2016.
  5. Bonus Offers:
    1. On every 3 new invites between 13:00 hours on 17th Oct and 23:59 hours on 31st Oct, get an additional cash reward of Rs 100.
    2. One lucky inviter wins a Moto G4 Plus.
  6. The cash incentive will be credited within 7 working days after the invite is successful.
  7. The user must invite a friend to download Chillr with their unique ‘referral code’, after which the invited friends should complete their first successful transaction on Chillr during the program period.
  8. Cashback will be done only to those users who have registered on Chillr app with their correct MMID.
  9. A successful invite is when a user downloads Chillr and does registration with unique referral code & makes his/her first transaction. Self invites are not eligible for The Contest.
  10. A person is eligible to win only if he/she participates during the days of The Contest and does the needful.
  11. A successful transaction on Chillr is considered to be only if the user being invited:
    • Sends Money to “Chillr” contacts or “Non-Chillr” contacts by adding a beneficiary instantly,
    • Makes a utility or recharge payment,
    • Makes a payment using “Tags” mentioned on Chillr, or
    • Makes a payment to a Chillr Merchant using “Scan & Pay” option on Chillr.
  12. A person who has already registered on Chillr cannot be referred and hence will not be considered for the cash incentive.
  13. The user being invited is not eligible for any other gratification from the Chillr team.
  14. The inviter & invited user/number cannot be registered on the same device.
  15. Chillr holds all the rights to terminate or change the amount of the Invite & Earn program at any point of time.






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